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Documentary on Romance, Love Between The Covers, Goes Wide!

Opened Book And Heart Shape

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the Romance Novel Industry?

If so, you’ll want to see the well-done documentary film Love Between the Covers, which goes into wide release on July 12, 2016.  Director/Producer Laurie Kahn gives us a funny and inspiring look into the billion-dollar romance fiction industry and its powerhouse of female writers and readers, a sisterhood that’s pioneering the digital revolution while finding fortune, fulfillment, and a global community.

What’s It About?

Now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, the film will be available on DirecTv, AT &T Uverse, and many other cable or online sources. The film has only shown during private screenings the past few years, but has garnered acclaim for its honest, funny, and touching look at how romance novels are created.  For three years, Ms. Kahn and her crew followed the lives of five published romance authors (including Eloisa James and Beverly Jenkins), and one unpublished newbie as they built their businesses, found and lost loved ones, and coped with a tsunami of change in publishing. The film also has a segment on readers, and why they are among the most loyal of any publishing genre.

This Time, It’s Personal…

I saw the film a few years ago, and it made me proud to be associated with the Romance Novel industry.  As I mentioned in a recent blog post, My Fifteen Seconds of Fame in a Film About Romance, an author friend of mine and I ended up in the film for only a few seconds. It was a thrill to be included and I was happy to help spread the word when Ms. Kahn informed me personally of the wide release.


More info on Love Between The Covers:

USA Today-HEA shared a trailer clip and had an article over this past holiday weekend (July 4th).  You can view it here- http://happyeverafter.usatoday.com/2016/07/01/love-between-the-covers-trailer-reveal/ 

For a direct link to just the trailer- vimeo.com/167886547

Amazon Link- http://radi.al/LBTC

For more detailed info on the wide release, and a list of where the film will be available: lovebetweenthecovers.com/filmrelease.

On the film’s new web page, you will also find all of the short excerpts from Love Between the Covers that are being posted, one a day, on social media, PLUS info about fun prizes to win!


There’s been some great buzz about the film, if you’d like to read some reviews/articles:

NPR’s Radio West, hour-long really thoughtful interview with the director, Laurie Kahn, and Princeton professor Bill Gleason.  Doug Fabrizio was a fabulous interviewer.- http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/love-between-covers

Writers Digest, a Q&A with Ms. Kahn…covering a wide range of topics- http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/love-between-the-covers-inside-the-world-of-romance-writing

AOL Build live studio show, 20 minutes with Ms. Kahn and Mary Bly (Eloisa James) – http://build.aol.com/video/5775583b50954952cc56ae7d/

Refinery 29, a very positive review from a very hip blog- http://www.refinery29.com/2016/06/115294/romantic-novels-love-between-the-covers-documentary


I can envision regular showings of the film any time authors or readers gather─conferences, book club meetings, retreats.  It’s sure to spark discussions on the many facets of this billion –dollar industry that brings pleasure to readers and authors alike.  Romance is unlike any other genre in publishing, and this film shows us why.

Have you seen Love Between The Covers?  What are your thoughts?