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Paranormal Investigator Interview- A True Ghost Hunter

Have you ever wondered what a Paranormal Investigation is really like?  Are the ones you see on television and movies close to reality or are they exaggerated?  I sat down with Paranormal Investigator Brandon Keeler of He’iau True Ghost Hunters, and we had an interesting conversation. Since I often write about the supernatural (ghosts, psychics and witches) in my novels, I was personally excited to find out what PI work is all about.

How long have you been performing paranormal investigations?

I’ve always had a love for the paranormal. My first real investigation was when I was 21. There was an old house down the road from my girlfriend’s house, which had burned down. I asked her about it, and she didn’t know much other than the entire family had died in the house. I did some research and found   the older son had actually killed the mother and two sisters, the father, and then killed himself because his girlfriend had left him. So I’d have to say about 11 years. What was really cool during this investigation was I took some still pictures, and was able to catch what looked like two kids in the pictures.

What prompted you to begin doing PI work?

My grandpa died in 1998. One evening about two weeks after he passed away, I was in the living room, and smelled his scent that he always had on around him. I thought I heard someone walking up the stairs, so I turned my volume off on the TV, and that’s when definitely I heard footsteps going up the stairs. I got up thinking it was either my sister or my mom and went around the corner, only to see my grandpa walking up the stairs.  I froze and said, “Pawpaw”, and he stopped and looked at me and smiled, then continued walking upstairs and disappeared. I screamed and ran out of the house. Funny as that sounds now, that’s really how paranormal investigations started for me. I always wanted to find ways to reach out and talk to my grandparents again, and as time went by, I learned other ways to attempt to communicate with the dead.

How many site visits have you done?

Officially…5… Unofficially, 15.  From simple things like graveyards, to houses, all the way up to old school buildings that have flooded, to an old mental hospital.

What equipment do you like to use?

I love my SB7 Spirit Box, and my Full Spectrum IR Digital Camera.  The SB7 scans through radio frequencies at a rate of 7 sweeps per second, and it goes backwards to wash out normal sounds you get from radio stations. Anytime you use it, and you get full voice responses forward, that’s usually a spirit.  My camera is very helpful because I see in the full range of light spectrums, most of which we cannot see, and that’s how I am able to see spirits.

Tell us about your most successful investigation.

Well, I cannot say the name(s) of the family because they requested I not share the full information about it, but I can tell you it involved a very tragic situation─two young kids who happened to have their lives taken in a horrible accident.  I was able to contact the family, and with their blessings, was able to reach out and contact the kids and put to light what happened and let the family know they’re always there and are ok.

Has your work led you to develop any theories about the supernatural?

I think it’s like a script the spirits have to follow with regards to what they can or cannot say to the living.  I often feel that there has to be a place they are when they aren’t visible to us.

What is your dream job scenario for a paranormal investigation?

I have so many of those.  I would love to go to Scotland and England. There is an old Inn call the Ram Inn. There are so many stories about it that I want to find out more. Scotland has so many that I cannot list. Let’s just say it’s a good five or six months of non-stop investigations and that I’d get my own evidence.

You don’t charge for your work, but ask for donations instead.  Tell us about the charity you support.

This again goes to the beginning of my most successful investigation.  It’s in a family member’s name so all the funds I receive, go directly to them.  Let’s just say it goes to a great cause. I’m always welcomed to accept donations for them only. I must explain that 100% of any monetary contributions that come to me, go directly to them from me. You know you see some of these TV stars who have their own shows and make tons of money and expect more because they’re showing off things.  I’m not that way. Would fame be great? Heck yeah. But I’m not about money in this. I want families who have had tragic events take place to get answers they deserve, and not have to pay anything to have my company go out and investigate for them.

Please let all your readers know, in the Atlanta area especially, they can contact me at any time at keelerbr1986@gmail.com. I’d love to help them out. I like having help come along with me too on investigations.  I hope they know that Spirits have voices too. They often just need to know they’re being acknowledged, and that can help them pass on to the next life. Thanks for having me. I plan on doing a lot more investigations in 2017!

Good luck Brandon with your upcoming investigations and with the charity efforts. I’d love to go along on a job someday, especially if you go to Scotland! If I get the chance, you’ll hear about it here on my blog.  And if you’d like to know more about my books, see my website at http://reneeregent.com

Have you ever been on a Paranormal Investigation? I’d love to hear about it!


Paranormal Romance Genre- Overdone or Just Getting Started?

Has he overstayed his welcome?

Has he overstayed his welcome?


Anyone who reads Romance Novels knows that the Paranormal Romance sub-genre has been hot, hot, hot for several years.  But has it begun to burn out?

Vampires have always been considered sexy creatures, even back in the “Dracula” days, so it is no surprise that Vampires (and their ilk) make up the bulk of Paranormal Romance Characters.  Two huge franchises have found success with Vampire characters- first Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Series, then Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series.  There are uncountable other novels with Vampires or Vampire-like beings featured, and new ones are constantly being published.  The sub-genre has splintered off into further sub- sub- genres, too- Vampire novels with an Urban Fantasy bent, a Comedic bent, a Thriller-Suspense bent….and on.

I personally never jumped on the Vampire bandwagon, but I know plenty of women who still cannot get enough, even with a plethora of books, movies, and television shows…many times I thought, “surely, the Vampire craze must be winding down,” only to find more and more of them everywhere I look.

Werewolves and Shape-Shifters seem to be the runners up in the Most Popular Paranormal Creatures contest.  In fact, you can likely find a “were” creature of any type imaginable in Romance Novels today- bears, cougars, panthers, and even some you probably haven’t wondered about- snakes, anyone?

Ghosts, Witches and Wizards, Angels and Demons, selkies, mermaids/men, the fae, even monsters like Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman (huh?!).  Supernatural beings showing up in Romance Novels (and Erotic Romance Novels, to be sure) is now quite commonplace.  But the beauty of the Paranormal genre is the fact there is no limit but the writer’s imagination.  Authors can create worlds and characters using archetypes and mythologies, and spin it with their own twist.

That may be why even the Vampire craze won’t die (pardon the pun) – authors keep coming up with creative, interesting versions of their own, so we keep on reading.  As a writer who leans toward the paranormal, I am glad there is an abundance of great stories out there, and I look forward to seeing what interesting trends develop in this genre.

So what is your favorite type of paranormal character?  What would you like to see more of?  Have you had enough of Vamps and Weres, or do you crave more?


Are You a Skeptic or a Believer? Me, too…

Creepy? Yes.  Haunted? Maybe.


Creepy? Yes. Haunted? Maybe.



When it comes to psychic phenomena, I have a decidedly split personality.   I have always been fascinated by the unexplained.  From ghost stories, premonitions, reincarnation and mythology, to theories of the nature of reality and the origin of the universe, I have studied them all.  The enormous popularity of Paranormal and Fantasy-themed books and movies is testament to the fact that many others are also drawn to the exploration of unexplained phenomena.

Just about everyone I’ve met  has had a personal story of something that happened to them that defied logical explanation, such as:

Encounters with strange “energies”,  apparitions or ghosts.

  1. Deceased loved ones who appeared in a dream or vision.
  2. Strong precognitive feelings about someone or something that came to pass, which they had no way of knowing of beforehand.
  3. Thinking of someone they had not seen in years, who then calls or contacts them on social media out of the blue.

Perhaps it is these encounters, these brushes with seemingly unexplainable forces is what makes Paranormal/Fantasy/Science Fiction novels, movies, and television shows so popular.  It is entertaining to live in these other worlds vicariously, but sometimes it also provides an explanation for our unanswered questions.  Never mind that vampires don’t really exist, that Hogwarts is not an actual school, or that zombies haven’t taken over Atlanta (yet).  These stories offer a glimpse into an often over-the-top scenario of   ‘what if they really did exist’?

As fascinating and entertaining as it is to read about psychic phenomena, alternate universes, and supernatural beings, in my heart I want proof.   My Geek side wants an explanation!  I can suspend disbelief as well as anyone while I am being entertained.  But when the writer of a novel or screenplay provides a plausible explanation for the hijinks and other-worldly shenanigans going on in their story, then I am extra-thrilled.  It makes the suspension of disbelief sweeter when I can imagine that it really might be possible.  It shows the author paid attention to detail and has intimate knowledge of their story world.  I don’t want to be distracted by glaring “that could never happen” thoughts.

What about you?  Would a theory or explanation add to your enjoyment of a Paranormal or Fantasy novel?  Or shall we leave that to the Science Fiction writers?