New Author Interview- Donjaline Hope


Wayward Pines, the popular novel series written by author Blake Crouch, has spawned a series on Fox television and dozens of titles in the Kindle Worlds publishing program. One of the most recent Kindle Worlds titles was written by my good friend and talented author, Donjaline Hope. This exciting novella was her debut, and she plans to expand into full length novels, writing in a variety of genres such as steampunk, adventure, and romance.

I sat down recently with Mrs. Hope to get the scoop on her debut and what she has planned for the future.

Congratulations on your debut with Wayward Pines: Salt Lake City Expedition. What enticed you to write this novella for Kindle Worlds?  As an avid reader, I got into the mystery of Wayward Pines.  I fell in love with all its twists and turns, and my brain started spinning with new ideas- new “what-ifs”.

 How was the process of submission and subsequent publishing? Would you write for Kindle Worlds again?  I would love to create more Kindle stories. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of writing a series of novellas for another backstory for the Abbies and their transformation in the Wayward Pines Series. I love the idea of allowing authors to write stories to parallel popular Kindle Worlds. Fan Fiction has always been popular. Kindle Worlds opens the door for the rest of the world to have access to some fabulous authors.

 What drew you to write this type of story?

I have prior military experience as well as an interest in survival stories. Wayward Pines takes a new and interesting approach to survival. In Blake Crouch’s story, it’s not so much about survival of the fittest as it is survival of the chosen. I find this concept interesting.

 You also write in the Steampunk genre. Tell us about your upcoming novel series.

I am excited to explore the world of cogs and top hats, adventure and intrigue. I am going to start with a novel mixing romance with a steampunk twist.  Lady Copper, Steampunk in Love Book 1, is in its final stages of editing and will be ready for release in May 2016!  The story is about Lady Copper, who is far from your typical lady. In a time where woman are still sheltered and thought of as only “wife” or “mother”  or “daughter”, it is against the law for them to invent/tinker (those are thought of as jobs of men). Copper is a genius when it comes to these things and being sheltered, shall we say, from society, she really does move to the beat of her own drum. Branton, the book’s hero, jumps in to save her, his thoughts mostly lustful. He must have her, although things don’t always go according to the plan. Their journey has many ups and downs, with twists and turns a plenty.

Here are some teasers from within the pages of Lady Copper, released just for your readers (for more teasers see the website):

Sweat dripped over his tautly muscled stomach. A tingling sensation bloomed low in her stomach. Vines of heat spread throughout her body as she followed his movements. #LustyThoughtsFromCopper

The driver cranked a small lever and the carriage jerked forward. Copper would have tumbled forward had Branton not grabbed her around the waist. A blush spread across her cheeks as she ended up held against his chest. #AccidentsHappen

“The theater is just a few buildings over from here,” Branton informed Copper. “You can see it, over the top of that building there. It’s one of the first buildings the Academy has gotten to hover in the sky. We will have to take one of the giant glass tubes to get to the top.”  #SteampunkHoveringTheaterOverNight

Patience was a gift he had in abundance. He could wait, would wait. It was one of the things that made his job so hard for most people. They got impatient and that’s when they made mistakes. He had all the time he would need, and would wait until he had the perfect opening. #EvilPlots

 What is it about Steampunk that interests you?

The possibilities! There’s something about having the option to rewrite history, changing and keeping what you, as the writer, wish. Steampunk includes everything I love about Victorian England, from secrets and intrigue to the seedy underside of society. I could create romance, mystery, or even adventures with airship pirates. The possibilities of stories is endless.

 Anything else on the horizon?

At the same time as I’m editing Lady Copper, I’m also working on Book 2 in the series which is due to contain the invention of airships. With any new invention there is definitely room for some sabotage, as well as some increased sexual tension. Book 2 has brought out many hot and steamy scenes already, and I look forward to the many adventures my characters will take me on.

 Where can readers get in touch with you?

Website, blog, and random fan fiction:

Twitter: @DonjalineHope


Amazon page for Wayward Pines: Salt Lake City Expedition: click here


I’m looking forward to what’s next from this sweet but quirky author. I’ve read some of her steamy Steampunk stories, and even though that particular genre isn’t my thing, I really enjoyed her portrayal of life in that world. Vivid characters, interesting world building and innovative creations are the hallmarks of her stories. I recommend you follow her on social media or her website to keep up with what’s coming next from Donjaline Hope.

Donjaline Hope

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