The Most Romantic Man in the World (When He’s Asleep)

Idealized Version of Us

Idealized Version of Us


My husband gave me my Valentine’s Day gift early, and he doesn’t recall doing it.
Last night, as usual, he fell asleep before I did (sound familiar, ladies?). My brain takes a while to shut off, so I was still awake when he turned over, pulled me close and whispered, “I love you.” This endearing moment was followed by several passionate kisses and sincere groping. Then he turned over and continued sleeping.
It was sweet and exciting, and incredibly romantic because it was pure, straight from his heart without any filter. And he didn’t recall one bit of it. All he said when I told him about was, “If you say so, dear.”
This wasn’t the first time he was romantic and passionate in his sleep. He’s been doing this on and off since we met, and it always thrills me. In fact, he proposed marriage in his sleep, whispering several times how he wanted to marry me. Yet he never asked me outright in the daytime, or recalled saying it in his sleep. Somehow we still ended up married, for over five years now.
I must confess I have never been much into Valentine’s Day. I’m an incurable romantic, so I’m more impressed with the little things that happen spontaneously, like when he brings me flowers on a Monday just to cheer me up. He still does give me an actual gift on Valentine’s Day, and it’s usually very thoughtful, but rather moot at this point, because…
He is the most romantic man in the world, even if he doesn’t realize it!


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