Using Negative Emotions As Tools

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Lately I’ve been dealing with a big pile of regret. It sucks when you look back and realize if you’d only chosen Road A instead of Road B, you’d be much better off.

Or so it seems. The truth is, we can’t predict the future (or the winning Powerball numbers, unfortunately). We can’t go back and undo the past, either. All we have to work with is the here and now.

Still, in my case, if I had chosen Road A when I made a major life decision years ago, I’d be quite well off financially. I am doing fine now, and am grateful for all of my blessings, but when I chose road B, I believed I was making the more lucrative choice.


The Only Constant is Change

Of course, nothing went the way I expected it to, even though I was quite knowledgeable, I researched the situation to death, and had analyzed it thoroughly. I thought it would be more profitable to hold out and take things slow over time, rather than taking a quick profit and bailing.

What I have since learned, the hard way, is that we cannot count on things staying the same. Change is inevitable. There are so many aspects of life we have no control over. I made that decision way back when partly out of fear- taking Road A would have also meant starting over completely somewhere new, so I opted to stay with the familiar, and convinced myself it would work out better in the long run.

I also made the decision out of greed, which is a form of fear. When we are greedy, it is because we believe resources are finite. The irony is now I have so much less than I would have if I had taken a leap into the unknown and cashed out of my situation. Thus, the regret I have been grappling with. If only I had known!


Emotional Toolbox

Since I can’t undo the damage that has been done, I am trying to make the best of what I have. Regret is a negative emotion, and I cannot afford to let it drag me down. So I decided to figure out a way to use my regret as a tool to help me move forward. Instead of feeling sorry over lost opportunities, I need to seek out new ones.

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction (and if you don’t, you should learn about it), you know that negative emotions have consequences. The universe responds to our level of vibration, caused by our thoughts, or what our mind focuses on. Thoughts are almost always accompanied by some level of emotion, which can be either positive or negative.

How can you tell if an emotion is positive or negative? By how it makes you feel.

The Law of Attraction is a process, a way of thinking and behaving with the goal of bringing about that which you desire, but it’s not a magic formula. It takes practice and conscious effort to live deliberately and not simply by default. For more information on what it’s all about, I highly recommend the works of Abraham-Hicks, or Rhonda Byrne. There are many other wonderful books by knowledgeable authors out there, too, which can be found easily by searching online or browsing the New Age section of bookstores.


But Does It Work?

So does the Law of Attraction really work? Yes, and no. I say yes because it has worked in my own life, and I have seen real-life examples of it working for others. When you consciously focus on positive thoughts as much as possible, and behave as though what you desire is already yours, things do begin to happen. They may be coincidence, divine intervention, or serendipity. Or maybe you just notice things you would not otherwise, and take inspired action.

I say no because we often sabotage ourselves by giving in to negative thinking and focusing more on what we don’t want, which only brings us more of what we don’t want. The universe responds to what you focus on and brings you more of it, and it does not distinguish between which side of the spectrum it falls on. So negative thoughts, while sometimes unavoidable, should be handled carefully. That’s why I choose to think of negative emotions as a tool to be used, instead of letting them drag me down.

How do I do this? By emotionally detaching myself from the feeling. I am still feeling regret, but I am now looking at it as a tool, which can teach me something. I feel regret because I missed out on something, I let a fantastic opportunity slip from my grasp. Most of the problems that I am dealing with today can be directly attributed to losing that opportunity.


The Truth

But regret is only how I feel about the situation, it’s not the truth of it. Just as Road B turned out to be nothing like I’d hoped, Road A may have had problems or surprises that I could not imagine. Maybe there are things I found along road B (like meeting my husband?) that would never have happened on Road A.

So by disassociating myself from the negative feeling of regret, I am able to learn from it. Looking at life objectively without the emotions, even for a few minutes, can help you to get back to feeling more positive. I know I am. Who knows what lies ahead?


Have you ever used the Law of Attraction? Does positive thinking work for you?


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4 thoughts on “Using Negative Emotions As Tools

  1. The law of attraction is always working. It never stops. Just because your vibration is that of what you do not want doesn’t mean the law of attraction isn’t working in fact it means it is. It reflects back our vibrational stand point, every time without fail. We cannot blame the law of attraction if our unwanted vibration brings us unwanted manifestation. It is still doing its job and bringing together like vibration. If it is a universal law it can’t work sometimes and not others. You can’t turn gravity off, but you can work with it to get what you want if you understand it. Next thing you know you are flying. Look into momentum of thought to find out why we tend to give in to negative thoughts and emotions. I have videos and more coming out on this very subject. Much love. Xx

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  2. My mom has a saying, “everything happens for a reason, and it happens for the best.” If we believe that, there isn’t a need for regret. Like you said, if you had chosen another path, you may not have met your husband. I took the 30-day Abraham-Hicks Challenge, and my outlook has changed drastically. You have the right attitude. Stay positive! 🙂


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