What is the Sexiest Hairstyle For Men?

Some like it long...

Some like it long…

I have a confession to make.

Being a child of the seventies, I still have a “thing” for long hair on men. So I was thrilled to find a Facebook Page catering to just that, called, appropriately enough, “Men With Long Hair.” Well, guess I am not alone, because plenty of others have been posting and sharing and drooling over hot looking men on that page. And to my surprise, there are photos of older men, as well as guys who must be in their twenties. So the bottom line is, a guy can look hot with long hair at any age! (Hey, there’s a reason why Fabio used to be the King of Romance Novel Covers). And to top it off, Facebook is now sending me all kinds of pages related to men with long hair, enabling me to feed my addiction. Bonus!

Why do I find that look so hot? I’m sure it’s a throwback to my youth, and the type of guys I dated, and even the rock stars I lusted after. But on a primal level, it’s more animalistic, more caveman. And there’s an odd twist, too, of masculine/feminine blending, sort of like when a guy wears a kilt. He has to be very secure in his masculinity to pull that look off. And if he wears a kilt AND has long hair…you’ll have to excuse me while I take a cold shower!

In contrast, some prefer the shaved-head look on a guy. I admit, some guys can look sexy with no hair, such as Vin Diesel or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, or the dude pictured here. It isn’t my favorite, but it does have a certain tough-guy appeal- you know he must be a bad boy, and pretty confident, if he goes bald on purpose.

Shirtless muscled fitness man. Cool looking. Tough guy. Brown eyes. Bald. Tanned skin. Studio shot isolated on grey background.



Clean cut, meticulously groomed hair gives off a successful businessman vibe. Your billionaire heroes, or famous actor types usually have the perfectly cut or slicked hair. It signals he’s in control, and cares about the impression he makes on the world.



Then there’s the quirky ones- hipsters, musicians, artists, etc. Spiky, partially shaved, unusual colors, or some other creative design on their head. He’s a free thinker, spontaneous, and just might be loads of fun in bed.



Curly, wavy, or kinky hair can be a turn-on, too. The variations are endless, the texture is interesting; the kind of hair you want to touch, run your fingers through, or grab in a moment of passion.

Makes you want to touch it, no?

Makes you want to touch it, no?

And then there is color. I don’t have a preference, but even gingers can be sexy, right? Which color of hair on a man is your favorite?

The only hairstyle I’m not fond of is the so-called “man bun”, where they tie part of their hair into a tiny little bun. But hey, we survived “rattails” in the eighties, so I guess we can survive this one, too.

As a writer, I get to experiment with all different kinds of hair on my characters. Traditionally, we characterize women by their hair, but a man’s hairstyle can tell you a lot out him. It’s a subtle detail that carries a message to the reader.

So what type of hair do you find the hottest for men?


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