What To Do If You Hate Blogging

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What? You hate blogging? That’s okay. Writing and maintaining a blog is not for everyone. It can be a lot of work, and many writers feel it takes away from time they could be working on other writing projects. However, I believe it is one of the best tools for writers available, and here’s how you can still learn from it, even if you never blog.

In Favor of Blogging

I have learned so much from the almost three years I have been writing my blog posts. A recent post on Anne R. Allen’s blog, explains why blogging is still one of the best things an author can do, including 10 ways blogging can help your career. Whether or not her post inspires you to start or revive your own blog, there is still something to be learned. For example, how having a blog helps to get your name recognized by search engines. Connecting on social media is fine, and a following can be built using whatever social media outlet you prefer. But if you don’t have an actual website, a blog is a great way to get your name out there.

Another aspect of blogging I’d like to add is, since you’re in control, you can discuss any topic you like. This will help attract followers who like what you like. I enjoy discussing New Age/Supernatural topics from time to time, and I’m also a big fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. A friend of mine, Tasha L. Harrison, is passionate about diversity in books, and romance novels in particular. So she addresses that topic in some of her posts. Anyone who has an interest in the subjects you discuss may become a new follower, or a fan of your books, and hopefully, a friend.

If you are a new writer, you don’t have to blog about the subject of writing. In fact, it is probably better if you hold off on that until you have more experience. But you can talk about certain aspects of your journey, as I have on such topics as writing a first draft, how lack of confidence can affect your writing, trends you notice in the marketplace, etc.

Targeted Learning

It is okay if you still find blogging is not for you. What you can do then is learn from other writer’s blogs. There are tons of blog posts about pretty much any topic you can think of, especially writing tips. If you are a new writer, blogs can be a great educational tool. Supplement your craft studies and conference going by subscribing to the blogs that speak to you. That is what I did, and it was easier to learn that way, in small doses, than to try to get through an entire book of writing instruction.

Build Your Own Reference Guide

Here’s my tip: subscribe to the writing tips/instruction blogs that you like, and they will send you an email when they post. If they are discussing a topic you want to read later, or feel you may need to refer to at some point, move it to a file in your email. For example, I have files broken down by topic: Plotting, Character Development, Dialogue, etc. I also have files pertaining to marketing and the business side of writing, such as: Formatting, Web Design, Covers, Advertising, etc. I have amassed a trove of information, available at my fingertips whenever I need it.

My Favorite Blogs

I have a few blogs I subscribe to, but I also find relevant posts through social media. Writers are great about sharing helpful information on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also bookmark posts you find by searching on a particular topic. How cool is that? Anything you want to know can be found in a few keystrokes.

Here are the blogs that I subscribe to for writing tips and instruction:        

Anne R. Allen’s Blog

Kristin Lamb’s Blog

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

Jami Gold’s Blog


What blogs do you subscribe to? Do you enjoy writing your own blog, and has it helped your career?






12 thoughts on “What To Do If You Hate Blogging

  1. Thanks a bunch for the shout-out! It’s nice to be in such great company. I’m a big fan of Kristen, Janice, and Jami and I subscribe to their blogs myself. It’s true that some people just aren’t cut out for blogging, and that’s okay too. 🙂

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  2. I like writing on my own blog
    I do it for 3 reasons
    1. To grow as a person as I learn and share experiences
    2. To mold the message in an entertaining and clean way for others to see
    3. I’m thinking of using it as a platform for future businesses

    I’m new at this thing
    Please let me know what you think of my blog and writing
    Much appreciated!


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  4. The first thing I have to say is wow!! I was so excited when I saw that you are into the Outlander series. I just last week bought my first audio book. It was the first book in that series. I planned on talking about each book after I read it. Just to see if anybody else was interested in her writing in that series. I read it years ago and love it. Had to get it again because I don’t remember all of what it was about. Now on to your tips in this post. You were right they did help me. I adore blogging and its funny I wouldn’t have clicked on the title of this post. But it is a good post for a newcomer. Now I’m going to go look at the recommended blogs about learning and tips for blogging. The only question that I have and I don’t know that you can even answer it how do I save this post and the last post you wrote that I like to my email. There have been several photos I want to save. I do read a lot of blogs on many subjects but mostly about learning to write and blogging tips. Happy blogging and. Thank you for the great tips.

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    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments and the support! I see you signed up to follow my blog (Thank you!) so you will get emails automatically when I post. If you have a particular subject in mind, like blogging, you can type “blogging” in the search bar on my home page and it will show you any related posts. That way you can always access them in my archives if you like. Or you can email me at reneeregent@yahoo.com and I can email you a copy of any post. Always glad to meet a fellow Outlander fan, I wrote a few posts on that and probably will do some more in the future, so stay tuned!


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