Why Being a Dad Makes a Guy More Attractive

He's a writer, too? Sigh....

He’s a writer, too? Sigh….

When you hear the words, “Hot Guy” what comes to mind first? Washboard abs? Full, pouty lips? Bulging…uh, biceps?

Yeah, me too. But I have learned something new in the past few years that added to my criteria when fantasizing about the ideal man. Sure, he has to have good looks, but a true fantasy hero has to be much more than just a cute plaything, right?

One of my earliest posts revealed my foray into the world of dating after many years of being married. Being childless myself, I had no desire to date someone who had children. Well, never say never, because you can’t pre-choose who you fall in love with! (Why I won’t watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette). In the end I married a man who had a son, and became a stepmother.

I can only speak for my experience, but what I find attractive about a guy being a father is the fact that he has taken responsibility for his child and his family. Of course, there are many men, and women for that matter, that do not live up to their responsibilities; we hear tragic stories in the news every day. But I am talking about the good ones; the ones who try, whose children are a priority in life. They may not have all the answers, or always do the right thing, but if a guy puts his child’s needs before his own, well, that’s an attractive guy!

It’s the little things they do- playing with their kids, helping with homework, staying up to make sure they get home on time, and telling them they love them, even after the kid has misbehaved or screwed up. A man who knows when to be firm, when to be kind, when to use humor….gets my heart beating every time!

So here’s to all the Dads out there, who are giving it their all. We appreciate you more than you know. Consider yourselves “Hotties”!

And keep up the good work, and have a Happy Father’s Day!




2 thoughts on “Why Being a Dad Makes a Guy More Attractive

  1. Wow, I have never heard this before, wonderful observation. When my first son was born, all my wants and needs were put aside, likewise with my second son. The happiest time in my life was being a daddy for the first time. I truly love them so much.


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