Nerd Girl Fantasies- Novel Heroes Bare All



I am sure all writers may think this, but my Writer’s Critique group is a unique collection of individuals. We work well together, but we also have a good time. For example, there is a very good reason why we insist on a private room whenever we have dinner out as a group- lack of censorship. Our conversations range from the ridiculous to the sublime, and more often than not are X-rated.

A few months ago, just before the popular convention DragonCon came to town (Atlanta, GA), we heard rumors that a new kind of strip club was coming to Atlanta. Catering to the discriminating “Nerd” that might attend DragonCon, it featured servers dressed as “Slave Layla”, golden bikinis and all. “Jabbu’s Hut” also supposedly had lap dances from a sexy Marie Curie.

A search of the internet recently produced no new information on Jabbu’s Hut, so it may have been a hoax. But it got my group’s devious and creative, um, juices flowing.

“What about a Strip Club for Nerd Girls?” was the obvious question.   We all got behind the idea, throwing out suggestions:

Dirty Dukes– Regency-era studs appear in tight breeches and silk cravats. Imagine the anticipation, while he is undressing himself of all those layers….

Classic Clark Kent-type- good looking nerdy guy, glasses and all…who turns out to be stunningly hot once down to his tighty-whities….

Business man tears open his shirt in a super hero fashion gettin

More Superheroes– Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine…why has this not been done yet?

Vikings! Looking all hairy and fearsome, kinda Thor-ish……..

Sword, Viking warrior with helmet over vintage textured backgrou


Maybe even a Billionaire in his expensive suit, pulling rope and handcuffs and other “accessories” from his pockets as he strips….

Oops!  He forgot his shirt....

Oops! He forgot his shirt….

And if you have read my blog before, or followed me on social media, you can probably guess my favorite. There is nothing better than a handsome Highlander in full Scots regalia, unless said regalia is lying on the floor at his feet….



It might even be hot to have performers (couples) re-enact famous steamy scenes from popular novels or movies. It is all about the build-up, isn’t it? That could be the first few acts, before we get down to the good stuff!

There have been a few other “comic-themed” or “Star Wars” themed strip clubs for men, such as Los Angeles’ Bordello Club, Comic Strip! in Philadelphia, or the Star Wars Burlesque show in Chicago.   But there were none that I could find appealing specifically to women. The old Chippendale’s model of a club catering to women is long dead, and Magic Mike (the movie) was not very imaginative. So, someone needs to do this, and preferably in Atlanta, ‘kay?

Also, my Writer’s group would like free lifetime passes for coming up with this idea, by the way!

What would you suggest, if you could design a Strip Club catering to Nerd Girls?


3 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Fantasies- Novel Heroes Bare All

  1. I’m all for it! Batman, Wolverine, Jamie Frasier, Han Solo, Damian Salvatore, Emmett Cullen, Eric Northman…just to name a few studs I’d love to see cosplayed & stripped! Yummy! Great idea, ladies!


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