What Is The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Wear?-Pt2

I am looking for suggestions here, but please don’t say   “Just a smile.” My previous post on this subject has proven to be the most popular, having over 800 views! So here are a few that did not make the first list, but deserve to be explored.

A classic!

A classic!

When guys go out in the evenings or on the weekend, a classic casual-but-dressed-up look is the dress shirt over jeans. Button down, long sleeves, embellished or plain, this look says, “I care about my appearance” but also “I am here to have fun.” And when the sleeves are rolled up, he’s good to go. Usually paired with great-smelling cologne.

He's bummed that summer's almost over...

He’s bummed that summer’s almost over…

When things are really casual, like at the beach, lake or pool, we get to ogle men in swim trunks. There is an ideal fit- not too loose, nor too tight; not too long, or too short. Color or pattern does not matter as much as fit. In the case of swim attire, less is not better- though men love teeny bikinis on women, a guy in a Speedo or thong, even a good looking guy, will make us cringe. I am not sure why, but somehow, it is too much of a good thing! Feel free to comment if you disagree, and please explain why!

Young Man

Speaking of summer, I always liked to see well-built guys in tank tops. They seem to have fallen out of favor, though, since being commonly referred to as “wife-beaters.” Women still wear tank tops, so why can’t guys? Men’s tank tops showed off well-muscled arms and shoulders nicely. Personally, I think it is just a matter of time until they come back into style; some actor or singer will wear one ironically and it will take off again, mark my words.

Not yet, Sweetie.  Someday!

Not yet, Sweetie. Someday!

Here’s a good one- a hot guy, dripping wet, just out of the shower (or dry, just out of the sauna), wearing nothing but a towel. ‘Nuff said!

Why, Yes!  I'll soap your back

Why, Yes! I’ll soap your back

Even though I have written about it before, I saved what I feel is the best for last. But I know I am not alone on this one- KILTS! Yes, it is a “skirt”, but it is not feminine in any way, especially on a hunky hot human male! Tartan, plain, leather (yum), it doesn’t matter. Extra points for buckles and a sporran. There is just something about a man in a kilt. Wish I could see them more often, in real life. My yearly trek to the Renaissance Festival sometimes yields pleasant results, but not always. And unfortunately, Hubby refuses to wear one for me. (So mean).



Diana Gabaldon, author of the hugely popular Outlander series knows a thing or two about kilts. In a recent article in TV Guide about the adaptation of Outlander on Starz, Diana recounted an interview where a German fellow asked her, “What is the appeal of a man in a kilt?”

tv guide

She went on to explain the history of tartans and kilts, what they represent, and how they are used. But her closing statement was, “A man in a kilt is proud, protective, and pragmatic-covered in manly virtues. I suppose it’s also the idea that you could be up against a wall with him in a minute.”

So, there you have it. Enjoy!

Any favorites I missed here? Which do you like best?



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