Throwback- My (Not So) Secret Diary

A popular meme on social media these days is “Throwback Thursday”.   I enjoy it almost as much as “Man Crush Monday”, don’t you?  It is interesting to see what some people come up with to join in the meme.

So, it got me thinking about how I became interested in writing as a creative outlet.  I loved reading stories for as long as I can remember, but writing began for me around age nine.


That year, my favorite Christmas gift was a diary.  It was pink leatherette and had a golden clasp that locked, with a tiny key (which I promptly lost).  It looks nothing like that today, as you can in the photo above.  My childish scrawl is barely legible but that little diary was where I began to express myself in writing.  My only issue with it then was that it was a five-year diary, so there were only 5 lines for each date, barely enough room to record the happenings of my nine-year-old life.  So I soon graduated to a larger notebook, and began a habit of logging my feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams and anything else that amused or moved me.

I can’t call my notebooks Journals, per se; because I did not always record my life events.  It was more an outlet, where I drew pictures, wrote horrible, angst-y poems, gossiped about friends, and detailed everything I knew about my current crush (it seems there were a lot of them. Ahem.

I also loved English class, (Nerd Alert).  Especially when we were assigned stories to write- way more fun than math class!  When I became an adult, I still loved those classes in college, and later in life I even took night classes in creative writing at a community center, just for fun.

So that is how I evolved.  I have continued to journal on and off throughout the years.  It is great for working through feelings, and reasoning things out when I have a decision to make.  I buy way cooler journal books now, though!



But I have a confession to make- I don’t like having to write by hand anymore.   I can barely read my own handwriting and it feels so tedious, compared to typing on a computer.  However, words sometimes flow in a different way when I write by hand, so I don’t think I will ever give it up completely.

Did you ever have a childhood diary?  What was the first catalyst for your creative pursuits?


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