A Big Thank You- One Year Blogiversary!


A year ago this month, I published my first post, “The Perpetual Student and The Three R’s” introducing myself to the world as A Writer.

It was a bit of a “coming out”.  I had written all my life, but kept most of it private.  I have to admit I was nervous.  The only writing I had previously shared publicly were memos and proposals in the business world, and while I had become adept at that type of writing (from years of experience and critiquing from bosses and co-workers), my personal, more creative writing had never been taken out and paraded around in the light of day.  It kept it close to me, far away from anyone who might judge it.

But heck, it’s just words and ideas!

Now, when I see an article of interest, or something funny happens, it is really satisfying to share it and present the subject in a way that may trigger other people’s interest.  The times when those of you reading my blog posts have replied with your take on the topic at hand were the best.  What good is this World Wide Web (as they used to call it) if we can’t have a dialogue?

So, here are some stats from the past year:

As of January 1, 2014, this blog has 638 followers.

I have published 32 posts, covering such diverse topics as writing poetry, trends in cover art, family dynamics, buying your first condom, eating fondue, and men who will clean your windows wearing a kilt.

My Top Five posts (had the most views) were:

  1. The Future of Romance Novel Cover Art- Are Hot Abs the New Bodice Rippers?
  2. Featured Author Interview- Annabel Joseph (special thanks to Annabel for the interview)
  3. The Ideal Lover- The Romance Novel Hero (special thanks to my Hubby for the inspiration)
  4. What Is It About Jamie Fraser?
  5. What Is The Sexiest Piece of Clothing A Man Can Wear?

(Hmmm…..I am sensing a pattern here…)

I would also like to thank the members of my Atlanta writer’s critique group (Affectionately known as “Write Bitches”).  Their support, criticism and friendship have been invaluable to me.

Finally, I offer my humble thanks to all of you who have read any of my posts.  I plan to continue writing, writing, writing in 2014.  Carpal tunnel be damned!  So stay tuned, sign up to follow the blog if you haven’t yet, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus (under the name Renee Regent).  You never know what we will be discussing here next…….


2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You- One Year Blogiversary!

  1. Don’t think you’re going to get rid of us that easy, we’re here for the entire ride. Keep making it happen and for opening another page in my silly man brain. Who would have thunk it?


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