What is the Sexiest Piece of Clothing a Man Can Wear?

Okay, I am taking an informal poll here.  What is your favorite look on a man?  (PLEASE don’t say “apron”, lol)  If a hot guy had to be photographed wearing one type of outfit or piece of clothing, what would you choose?

I realized that most of my recent posts have referenced kilts in some way, so I wanted to give equal time to the other articles of clothing that look good on men.  Like an artfully wrapped gift package, the right clothing can lend so much more visual stimulation to an image.  Nakedness is great too, but let’s keep that for your own home entertainment!


Right off the bat I had to choose “Shirtless With Tight Jeans.”  Blue jeans, (or denim if you prefer) are simply an icon, at least here in the good ol’ U.S.A.  There’s nothing like a snug pair of jeans on a well-built guy.  And the view is good from the front or back.    And if he MUST put on a shirt, please let it be a tight one.


Some men are breathtaking when they “suit up”.   A smart, well-cut business suit evokes an image of power.  Throw in a bit of scruffy facial hair and it says, “I am so powerful I didn’t even have to shave today.  I can do whatever the hell I want.”   No wonder there is a whole genre of “Billionaire Romances.”



Oops!  He forgot his shirt....

Oops! He forgot his shirt….

But, then again, who can resist the Bad Boy in the leather jacket?  He’s gotta be a rock star, or maybe a criminal, ready to whisk you away on his motorcycle to a seedy motel, right?  I wait anxiously for cold weather every year so my Hubby can wear his black leather motorcycle jacket!  Sigh…..


Then there is the classic- A Man In Uniform.  Cops, Firefighters, the Military, just to get started.  Maybe it stimulates our want-to-be-rescued fantasies?  So many possibilities.

So hot....

So hot….


Some guys can make an otherwise un-sexy piece of clothing HOT!  I never really thought overalls could be exciting until I saw this photo.  All I can say now is “Yee-haw!”


So what look is your favorite?  Anything to add?





7 thoughts on “What is the Sexiest Piece of Clothing a Man Can Wear?

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  2. Black wife beater with the perfect fit jean, tousled hair, simple necklace black rope chain with something meaningful hanging from it, motorcycle boots, and of course some strategically placed tattoos. Simple and sexy…


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