Update on Outlander Series- Sam Hueghan a Good Choice?


Aye, he'll do.

Aye, he’ll do.


It was confirmed earlier this week that relatively unknown actor Sam Hueghan has been chosen to portray Jamie Fraser in the upcoming series on Starz.  He was author Diana Gabaldon’s first choice, but how are the fans reacting to this news?

Judging from the various social media sites and online articles that I checked, the response has been mostly positive.  He has the build, the looks, and better than that- he’s a Scot!  Want to hear if he sounds the part, too?  Check this link (my favorite is the “Visit Scotland promo”)-


To top it off, he’s humble and gracious about being chosen.  As he was quoted on DG’s Facebook page-

Firstly, a big thanks to Diana for giving us these wonderful books! Utterly thrilled to have been given this opportunity to play “Jamie”. He’s a fantastic character that has so many apparent and hidden sides to him, a true gift of a part. I can’t wait to explore Diana’s world and share it with you guys! His love of Claire is inspiring and as deep as the land he comes from. My personal romance with Scotland is something I can’t wait for you to all experience too..! (Including the haggis)

  Thanks to all the great support from you fans already, I know we won’t let you down. With Diana’s books to guide us and Ron Moore at the helm, Outlander is going to be one hell of an adventure! Slainte mhath!x”

It is always a risk when one of your favorite novels or series is transformed into a movie or a TV series.  I have not seen any of Mr. Hueghan’s other projects he has worked on, but reviews seem to be positive.  It’s probably a good thing he is not well known here- he can make the role his own without being overshadowed by previous characterizations.

So far, the prognosis is good with the choice of this young man, so we are going to be positive and hope the trend continues throughout the casting and development.  Then comes the torture of waiting until it airs!  At least I will have time to save up for a subscription to Starz.

So what do you think?  Have they made a good choice?

4 thoughts on “Update on Outlander Series- Sam Hueghan a Good Choice?

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