Dancing Naked in the Rain- Seize the Fantasy!

I finally danced naked in the rain, just the other evening.  It was something I’d always wanted to do, but the stars and the planets had never aligned all perfectly until that moment. It was a sultry spring evening, with a light, misty Georgia rain descending from the skies.  I emerged from the hot tub, skin glowing with warmth, and seized the impulse to prance about like a toddler escaping from her Mother’s towel.

“I’m dancing naked in the rain!  Woo hoo! C’mon!”

I called to my Hubby, who stodgily declined, and accused me of acting like a Hippie.  He is several years younger than me, yet here I was, making a fool of myself in the backyard.  I didn’t care.  No one else could see me.  There were no Paparazzi hiding in the bushes.  Why not do something ‘crazy’ once in a while?  Life is too short, my friends.

As a writer, my imagination works overtime, coming up with ideas for unusual and interesting things my characters might do.  Things I may never actually do myself, but want to try. I can experience it vicariously, just as we all do when reading or watching movies and  TV shows.

Sometimes I write about, or read about, things I’d never want to do.  I can still experience what it might be like to have horrific troubles, face challenges or danger- things we all tend avoid in everyday life.  In this way, I can experience the emotions, and explore the idea of it, without the accompanying risk.

And the final component is drawing on experiences I have had in my life.   Writers are advised “write what you know” and that is usually the easiest thing to do- less research!  I believe that drawing on our experiences can be some of the most authentic writing we can do, as it comes from the heart, not only the head.

So that is why I took advantage of the opportunity to do something silly and slightly risky- just for the experience.  You never know when the conditions are going to be just right to get naked and dance in the rain!  And why should only fictional characters have all the fun?

Is there something you’ve done to seize the moment?  Do you prefer your fictional characters to be more realistic, or larger-than-life?







One thought on “Dancing Naked in the Rain- Seize the Fantasy!

  1. I like my character to be real – AND always daring to grow by stepping out side their box and experiencing something new.

    I’m chuckled when I read about your prancing dancing. 🙂 If we don’t dare to live, the result is… you can fill in the blank.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.


    Linda Joyce


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