Featured Author Interview- Annabel Joseph

In this post, I have the honor of interviewing up-and-coming author, Annabel Joseph.  She is a very talented multi-published writer of Erotic Romances.   She has a lot of exciting projects in the works, and upcoming appearances, but here is your chance to get to know her one on one and hear all about it!

1. First of all, congratulations on your recent nomination (in three categories) for the Indie Romance Convention Readers Choice Awards!  How do you feel about that, and have you been nominated for or won any other awards?

Thanks! I’m excited about the IRC nominations. Anytime you get nominated, it’s so great to be recognized, even if you don’t win. In the past I was in the finals for a Readers’ Crown award for Firebird, and I was nominated for a National Leather Association award for Odalisque. It was a thrill, even though I didn’t win either of them.

2. You are best known for writing Erotic Romances featuring BDSM situations.  It seems that lately this genre is gaining more mainstream acceptance- have you seen an increase in readership?  Which book of yours would you recommend for someone who is just starting to read in this genre?

I’ve seen a huge increase in readership, which is wonderful. Just before Fifty Shadesof Grey broke wide, I remember feeling that BDSM fiction was on the way out. There was a big scare about Amazon and Paypal censoring books with BDSM content and non-consensual situations. I was preparing to make the move to vanilla romance to be on the safe side and then all of a sudden BDSM was mainstream, million selling, worldwide! Now I don’t worry about being censored anymore.

As for my books, I think Cirque de Minuit toes that line between soft and hard pretty well, and so does Owning Wednesday, Deep in the Woods, and Fortune. Firebird too. A lot of mine would be good for post-50-Shades reading. The only books I’d warn a dilettante against would be Mercy, Comfort Object, and my Mephisto series, as they’re considerably harder than my other stuff.

3. You have published seventeen novels so far, including one that is “vanilla”, under the pen name of Molly Joseph.  Do you plan on branching out into other genres, or continue primarily with the Erotic (BDSM)  Romances ?

There are two things I think I still might do…one is a M/F/M ménage romance, and the other’s a dark erotica/non-con type of book. It’s fun to wander around to different areas of your genre. When I wrote Disciplining the Duchess, for instance, it was more spanking than BDSM, but I figured my readers could still relate. If I did the ménage or non-consensual story, I would  aim for that too—something different, but not so crazy that my readers couldn’t get into it. DTD200x300

I’m lucky in that I have wonderful, encouraging readers who don’t mind if I try something a little different, like a historical spanking novel or a vanilla novel. It’s a great feeling to know you have that support.








4. Is there a common theme among all the novels you have written so far?

Ooh, that’s a hard question. I wouldn’t say there’s one common theme but there are definitely repeating motifs. I write about creative people a lot—artists, writers, dancers, performers. I write a lot of damaged characters, mainly because I love to see people evolve and perhaps be healed by love. Also, I don’t shy away from showing the mistakes people make before they figure out their sh*t. One thing I’ve always felt about romance is that heroes and heroines shouldn’t be too perfect. I think they’re more relatable when we can see them go off track. As long as they get back on track by the end of the book!

5. You also do Historical Romances, such as Lily Mine ( which was nominated for the Indie Romance Convention Award), and your recent novel, Disciplining The Duchess.  How do the characters in these novels differ from the characters in your more Contemporary stories?

Weirdly, they’re not that different. They’re still seeking love and acceptance, and they still face challenges in life. One difference might be that the social mores are different, so they might be more reserved, or more uptight, or in the case of the men, a lot less PC, running around disciplining their women and such. Back in the day I guess that was par for the course!

6. You will be attending the Authors After Dark Convention in Savannah this August, where readers will get the chance to meet and greet you, among other fun things!    Are there any other conventions you will be attending this year?

Well, I attended Frolicon here in Atlanta in late March and that was a blast, and next comes AAD in August and the Indie Romance Convention in October, and also Eroticon in Atlanta in October, although I don’t have much info on that yet. That’s a lot for me! I’m just now starting to venture out to these kind of things. Since I run on the shy side it’s kind of hard to promote myself so overtly. All I really want at the conventions are to have one-on-one conversations, hug my readers, share a smile and a laugh. The awards and panels are nice but my favorite part is the energy between authors and readers, and meeting new friends.

7. Any ideas for future stories in the works?

You know, just last night I had a really vivid dream with a story idea for that non-consensual, dark erotica book I talked about. It’s a kind of capture and rape thing. Oh, goodness, it was a dirty dream but I might put some of it down into notes for later. Right now I’m embroiled in my “City Ballet” series, Waking Kiss and the follow up, Fever Dream. That series is BDSM but with heavy emotional content, and then next up is probably my sequel to Cirque de Minuit. Busy, busy, busy.

Waking Kiss 200x300

8. Where can readers find you and purchase your books?

Here are some links people can use to find me on the web:

Annabel’s website: http://annabeljoseph.wordpress.com/books/

Annabel’s twitter: https://twitter.com/annabeljoseph

Annabel’s facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annabeljosephnovels

Annabel’s instagram: http://web.stagram.com/n/annabeljoseph/

Annabel’s latest release, DISCIPLINING THE DUCHESS: http://www.amazon.com/Disciplining-the-Duchess-ebook/dp/B00BLSR1CU

Thank you for hosting me, Renee! This was a really fun interview!


Thank you, Annabel, for stopping by and chatting with us.  It was fun getting to know you, and that is an impressive body of work.  Looking forward to reading them all!




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