Can Romantic Fantasies Really Come True?

Have you ever had a romantic or erotic fantasy associated with a song?  It’s natural for music to evoke a memory of a certain person, or of a particular time or place.  I have had countless songs do that to me, but there is one old song that always inspired a vivid romantic fantasy.  I think it’s safe to say that most romantic and erotic fiction starts as a daydream or fantasy, but music may be another way that writers are inspired.

When I was young (and actually, to this day), just the first few notes of this song would throw me into a daydream, no matter where I was or what I was doing.  Al Stewart’s “Year of The Cat” caused an instant ‘movie’ in my head, where the handsome young man roamed a foreign marketplace, only to be accosted by a beautiful, exotic woman.   The two lovers walking arm in arm, the calls of the vendors, the heavy scent of spices in the air….all unfolded in Technicolor, with Dolby sound in the theater of my mind.

By the bittersweet ending of the song, there was the implication that this love affair would not last.  In my version, the young man looks out over the city from his hotel balcony at sunrise, and turns to see his lover sleeping tangled in the sheets, her hair flowing out across the pillow. Their passion had consumed the night; he had no regrets- except he knew he’d have to leave.  Eventually.

Years later, I traveled to many exotic destinations but never had that particular fantasy come true.  Or anything remotely like it.  Mainly because I was twenty when I met my first husband, and though he was romantic and fun to be with, I was never single long enough to have a “tryst” like the one I’d imagined for the song.  So it remained a fun daydream, and my husband and I made our own romantic (and erotic) memories.

At mid-life, the unthinkable happened- my husband died suddenly.  It was devastating, and for a while, I gave up on ever having romantic or erotic adventures again in my life.  However, when I finally came out of mourning, my imagination, desire, (and libido) came back in full force. I started dating, hanging out with friends, and I also began to travel to places on my “Bucket List”.

That’s when my “Year of The Cat” fantasy finally came true.

The locale was about as exotic as you can get and not leave the U.S.- Key West.  I was itching to drive my new convertible over Seven Mile Bridge- tunes blasting, salty wind in my hair, and to end the day enjoying a tropical drink at sunset at the southernmost point of the country.

I had a blast partying on Duvall St, bar-hopping, listening to live music, dancing, and enjoying  fresh seafood every night.  It was just about the best birthday week ever, and it really seemed as though they “turned back time”, or as though time had ceased to exist.

Okay, about the tryst…On the eve of my birthday, I met a man who seduced me with an adorable smile and kissed me senseless on the boardwalk late at night.  The moon shimmered over the water, and we were swept away with the type of passion that you’d see on the silver screen.  At sunrise, I walked out of his bedroom onto the balcony, and looked out at the water.  The bittersweet strains of that song came unbidden to my mind.

We felt a real chemistry, a connection- but he lived ten hours from where I lived, so we knew this was what it was- a vacation fling.  And that was okay.

The fantasy didn’t play out exactly as I’d envisioned, but the feelings were definitely there.  Was it an accident, a twist of fate?  Or did my frequent re-playing of the fantasy in my mind cause me to draw this situation to me?


I may never know.  Have you ever had a fantasy come true, unexpectedly?  How do you think that happened?  Or how might it happen?








One thought on “Can Romantic Fantasies Really Come True?

  1. I admire your perspective. I appreciate that you are a wonderfully accomplished woman.

    My story may fall under the heading of pedestrian, however, it was passionately romantic. I met a man, we had instant chemistry. We were only a part of a day or two for the next several months. He proposed on Valentine’s Day. The rest is sweet history.


    Linda Joyce


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